Today I decided to give you all a little peak into my studio space.  About four years ago we were near completion on our basement finsh project. We consulted with California Closets on a design for our office space. At the time, I was working as an office designer for a national furniture group, so I was allowed to work from home quite a bit. My husband is a computer guru- so we needed ample space for his computer montiors, and various "things" as i call them, and I needed to be able to spread out plans, set up tables for big projects etc. I had also asked for a design for a craft space- it proposal was beautiful....BUT a little pricey...we decided the craft portion woul dbe phase two.... Well I am pretty sure it was exactly one week after we signed the contract for the furniture that I found out we had a little one on the way....and a two weeks after that my team was eliminated. So, that changed the use of my space a bit.

I did set up a small sewing area, and it was perfect for my little nesting projects, and later for small projects I picked up off of blogs. Then By Cee Cee was formed and I started to quickly outgrow my small corner...it became a corner and a small part of the wall....then we moved the desk top out...then I picked up a book case...and I would like to cut/press/set up and be able to have noise/tv in the backround....and here we are....I have taken over a space about the length of our house and 10' deep.

I am a lucky gal to have such a sweet husband....he had really hoped the basement would be more "man cave" and what he ended up with a little girls dress up heaven! and he doesn't seem to mind most days- he even builds my craft show display racks :) Speaking of.....those aren't even in this picture with all my stock- I have all of that set up in our dining room.....

I love storage ideas! send me pins of ideas you come across that are great- I know I am out growing my current items and will really have to work on some new organization after the holidays!

9/4/2012 08:02:13 am

Wow that is a great looking space down there! I find it pretty funny I've yet to actually see ur basement : )

9/4/2012 09:34:13 am

I know! hopefully I can keep it organized until you get a chance to come over again :)

9/4/2012 08:46:51 am

You are so lucky - I love it!!!! Will you lend out your husband so I can have such a beautiful space to work in?

9/4/2012 09:34:35 am

Thanks Jean :)


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