When I first started shopping around for patterns I was hesitant and conservative- only skirts! and no ruffles! Well- that was less than a year ago....and I have LOTS of patterns and have made YARDS of ruffles :)

This dress is one that I wanted to make- but never had a reason. I try to be conservative and only make things upon request. Fortunately for my customers- and unfortunately for my wallet- my 3 year old has started to request certain dresses- fun right???? Usually.....after asking for a Snow White dress she started asking for an Ariel dress.....hope she won't be disappointed!

I love this dress- I almost cired when I completeted it :) The pattern is from Little Lizard King and it is made with costume satin from Joann's. That was fun to work with....reminded me of the first time we put my daughter in the big bath tub- all slippery and soapy- what was that feeling- oh yeah- TERRIFYING :)

But I will be listing this princess dress in the shop :) It will be great for dress up, Halloween or a trip to Disney. There are MANY colors available :)

And don't forget about out giveaway over at Nap time Crafters!!!   http://www.naptimecrafters.com/2012/08/by-cee-cee-75-giveaway.html
It ends Friday!

Have a whimsical day!

Laura Bobin
8/20/2012 10:11:48 pm

Wow! Great job!


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