That's right! we are having a giveaway over at Nap Time Crafters!!! www.naptimecrafters.com
There is a 6
month box of bows from Elizabeth and a $40 gift certificate from me~ can be used
toward anything in the shop, or something custom. Pretty awesome huh? That's how
we roll :)

Nap Time Crafters is also celebrating their 2nd Blogiversary.  I first found Nap Time Crafters probably about a year ago...maybe linked from
Craft Gossip....or linked through linked...who knows for sure....The important
thing is that is is one of my favorite blogs to follow. There are so many great
projects and activites- it is just fun to follow. Since then, I found out Amy
also has the Peek-a-Boo pattern shop- which I LOVE. The items I create from these patterns are just beautiful. I have a very difficult time parting with the creations from these patterns, but my customers at shows just love them!

That's all for today- be sure to enter the giveaway!!!

A couple of items made with Peek-A-Boo patterns
Above: Pier 49 pants
Left: The Annie Dress

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