I know- it is only August 30th- but it is almost Labor Day weekend, and after the unofficial end to summer, I am ready for a new season! The designer and artist in me loves the saturation of color this season brings. Here are a few things coming to the shop this fall....and more on the way!

I have a pattern I am currently testing for Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop....I just need the perfect fabric :)

Off to Joann's then a tea-party with my girl and her BFF :)
Today is the last day of Princess camp- and while my little princess has had a great week she is EXHAUSTED.

Today is Cinderella day....and I wanted to make a Cinderella dress- but I wanted it to be a little more casual, shorter and made with cotton- one because it is faster to sew, and two because I wanted to show folks what a cotton one woulf look like....

Well this is a perfect case of what I have in my head disn't translate quite the way I had hoped...looks a bit mor elike Belle's village dress. I am happy with it, and I think it has some fun options...just wasn't quite as Cinderella as i had hoped. My little lady however immediately called it a Cinderella dress (that was short lived and she decided it is a Rapunzel dress)

I used the same pattern from Little Lizard King (http://www.littlelizardking.com/catalog-2/princess-dress/) but skipped the elastic in the sleeves, shortened the skirt a few inches, and made the skirt slightly less wide/gathered.

I am sure I will be adding to the princess dress collection~ I have lots of ideas to try for the other princesses, and also thought it would make a great fall or holiday themed dress....and even a super cute witch dress!

Don't forget today is the last day to enter our giveaway ocer at Nap time Crafters!!!!

Off to get ready for the princess parade and then ready for a house guest and tonights show at the Shriner's in Webster

~Have a Whimsical day!~

That's right! we are having a giveaway over at Nap Time Crafters!!! www.naptimecrafters.com
There is a 6
month box of bows from Elizabeth and a $40 gift certificate from me~ can be used
toward anything in the shop, or something custom. Pretty awesome huh? That's how
we roll :)

Nap Time Crafters is also celebrating their 2nd Blogiversary.  I first found Nap Time Crafters probably about a year ago...maybe linked from
Craft Gossip....or linked through linked...who knows for sure....The important
thing is that is is one of my favorite blogs to follow. There are so many great
projects and activites- it is just fun to follow. Since then, I found out Amy
also has the Peek-a-Boo pattern shop- which I LOVE. The items I create from these patterns are just beautiful. I have a very difficult time parting with the creations from these patterns, but my customers at shows just love them!

That's all for today- be sure to enter the giveaway!!!

A couple of items made with Peek-A-Boo patterns
Above: Pier 49 pants
Left: The Annie Dress
When I first started shopping around for patterns I was hesitant and conservative- only skirts! and no ruffles! Well- that was less than a year ago....and I have LOTS of patterns and have made YARDS of ruffles :)

This dress is one that I wanted to make- but never had a reason. I try to be conservative and only make things upon request. Fortunately for my customers- and unfortunately for my wallet- my 3 year old has started to request certain dresses- fun right???? Usually.....after asking for a Snow White dress she started asking for an Ariel dress.....hope she won't be disappointed!

I love this dress- I almost cired when I completeted it :) The pattern is from Little Lizard King and it is made with costume satin from Joann's. That was fun to work with....reminded me of the first time we put my daughter in the big bath tub- all slippery and soapy- what was that feeling- oh yeah- TERRIFYING :)

But I will be listing this princess dress in the shop :) It will be great for dress up, Halloween or a trip to Disney. There are MANY colors available :)

And don't forget about out giveaway over at Nap time Crafters!!!   http://www.naptimecrafters.com/2012/08/by-cee-cee-75-giveaway.html
It ends Friday!

Have a whimsical day!

Welcome to By Cee Cee! Our site is live, we have a giveaway scheduled to start tomorrow with Nap Time Crafters and I am actually doing a bolg post! Wohoo!

I have been so nervous all week about getting everything "done." Then it hit me today that there is no "done!" As long as we are working and taking orders we will be creating new outfits, listing more products and planning trunk shows! Phew was that a relief- I didn't have to finish anything, just be prepped :D

So here it is- Our prepped site and shop. Continue to check back as we will be adding fall and holiday items in the upcoming weeks.  Also, once I figure out how to get the links listed, I will be adding info to our links page~ bear with me~ I am still a pen and paper girl at heart.

Have a whimsical day!
Candi & Elizabeth